3Dice Casino – USA Friendly (& Bloody Good!)

A lot of people may not have heard of the independently run 3Dice casino, but I’ve been a player here for well over a year and it’s one of the best online casinos out there IMO. The games choice is smaller – for example there are only around a dozen slots, but the games are 100% unique and very, very playable. In fact I’d go as far as saying a couple of their slots are in my all-time Top 10 (“Fortune Falls” and “Super Suits”).

I’ve been trying hard to think of negatives to balance this review, and quite honestly, apart from some of the slots being streaky, I can’t think of any! So I’ll stick my neck out and say it’s probably the best US friendly online casino I’ve ever played!

Every slot is uniquely designed and most have the free spins bonus game, with one or two exceptions. 3Dice put a twist on all their games – graphically you will immediately notice just how rich the slots are, and when it comes to the bonus rounds, again they tend to put a spin on it. All the free spin bonuses can retrigger and all are triggerred by scatters, but some of the multipliers and payouts lead to a great payday.

Take the excellent Fortune Falls slot as an example. Normally for 4 scatters you get around 20x on most slots plus a number of spins. With this one, you get between 20 and 30 spins at 4x which in my experience normally yields between 100x and 200x your bet! If you get all  scatters (which I’ve done on 3 occassions now), you get a minimum 400x your bet, but you could get 600x, 800x or even a massive 1600x!!

All I can really say is download 3Dice and give it a spin to see for yourself. Be warned, some of the slots are streaky (high variance), but every slot is clearly labelled (low, medium, high variance). Bonuses are regular for loyal players – I get 4 or 5 a month, some with no wagering requirement and no maximum cashouts.

If you are able to use Neteller to deposit and cashout, you’ll also be pleased to here that 3Dice casino does instant cashouts to Neteller! For other methods, cashous are processed every day so there is little hanging around waiting for your dosh! An excellent casino, and in my all-time Top 5 online casinos.

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