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I have played at Club USA since it left the Chartwell sofwtare platform and signed up to Realtime Gaming and it’s one of only a few RTG casinos that a) I can trust and b) recommend. It’s not perfect – what casino is? – but the games are very good, slots in particular, and the service and cashouts fast. That’s what I look for in an online casino. Cashouts are processed every day, and while US players do have to be more careful about how they deposit and cashout, at least Club USA offer a wide choice and in general, there is a solution for all USA residents. If in doubt, contact the support dept and they can assist. A further restriction is that new players have a $3k a week cashout limit, although this is a fraud prevention measure and players who hang around can have this restriction lifted if they ask nicely.

For US players where online casinos often sit in a murky legal area, Club USA is one of the few online casinos using RTG that actually don’t take advantage of the greyness to defraud players out of tehir winnings. The badly advised UIGEA act passed in 2006 in the US has opened the door to all sorts of racketeers and the market there is far more dangerous than in properly regulated jurisdictions, but Club USA is one of teh safe places. It’s a shame that some US politicians see prohibition as the answer when in fact it actually makes the market more dangerous for their citizens. One day hopefully they will wake up and realise that regulation is not only better for their economy, but far safer.

Anyway…enough of that, back to Club USA. I’m primarily a slots player, and although the casino does provide a stack of card games, video pokers, roulette and the like, the “Real Series” slots at Club USA are where I spend most of my time. They offer a good blend of low risk (low variance) and high risk slots, all of which have bonus games mostly consisting of free spins. Additionally every slot in the Real Series has a random jackpot award which can be won betting at any denomination, from 20 cents up to $100 a spin. The more you bet, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot, and I’ve hit 3 before now. I’ve also seen jackpots of over $5k paid out on bets of just 20 cents, so I know it happens.

Of the Real Series slots, I would personally recommend Cleopatra’s Gold, Aztec Riches and Ronin, all of which are medium variance. I also like the low variance Derby Dollars as you get the free spins fairly frequently, although the payouts are a shade lower in general. Less and often is the term I think. Not all online slots are created equal obviously, and while on the whole I find more choice at Microgaming casinos (see menu, right), there’s no doubt that the gameplay on Club USA gives you longer for your money on most slots of comparable features.

I know the owne of Club USA as a result of playing there and he strikes me as a very stand-up guy. He’s been in the business for a long time and has a good rep in the industry, plus the casino itself has been around for some years and you rarely see a problem on the player forums. If you do, it’s usually a bonus issue related to the strict terms, but then that applies to most online casinos as many players don’t generally read the the bonus terms. As far as everyday operations go, Club USA is quick on support and cashouts and rarely gives a problem.

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