Urgent Info For American Players!

VERY IMPORTANT!  (well, quite anyway)

As of the 10th November 2008, USA residents were prevented from being able to open accounts at any online casino that uses Microgaming software. This is a huge proportion of the casinos represented on this and many other websites. However, any Americans who had opened an account on or prior to the 9th November 2008 (Sunday) should be OK to continue playing.

As of writing (September 2010) there is legislation underway in the USA that, if succesful, will pave the way for online casino gambling to become legal at Federal level, with each State able to opt out should they wish. It is likely that some States will allow only oker, some will allow casino and others will choose to make it illegal altogether. Industry observers are suggesting that 2011 will be the year when we find out for sure.

See this list of USA casinos for up-to-date information on which casinos allow USA players but please remember to check your local State laws to ensure that online gambling is legal where you live before you sign up.