My Mega-Big Win on the Bruce Lee Slot!!

So there I was, playing some WMS games online at Jackpot Party and after a decent streak, having a bad time of it. My balance had gone all the way up from £600 to £3,000 and then all the way back down to around £1,000 and it felt like I was on a losing streak. Which is pretty common on WMS slots as I am sure many of you will testify to!

In situations like this I normally go one of two ways: I either think “cash out” or I think “bet big and what the hell!”. This time, I thought the latter. £600 – if I lost I lost, if I hit big then it was a bonus.

So I toddled off to play my favorite game, the Bruce Lee slot which is one of the WMS Money Burst series (Fortunes Of The Caribbean is another similar game but tight, tight, tight!). As you can see from the video (which WMS kindly sent to me so I could display it on the website), this turned out to be an inspired choice.

The thing about the WMS Money Burst games is that they are pretty high volatility. You can go a long time with peanuts and then suddenly, the monkies get fed up and throw the whole bag at you, whcih is what happened here. There are 3 features, all similar and this one is the most ellusive: it’s essentially both the other features rolled into one spin and multiplied by 2!

So: 20 free spins with the first two reels showing the same symbol, a guaranteed “wild reel” on reels 3, 4 or 5 and guaranteed at least one wild symbol on the other two reels. Mega Big Win time!!!

This guarantees a Big Win on just about every spin, for 20 spins and as you can see, in this case that added up to over 1,300x my stake! I’ve had to edit the video down from the full 11 minutes it took Brucey to play this feature out to a 4 minute video and the biggest win comes at around 2:40 in the video when a shedload of wild symbols roll up.

Things like this don’t happen very often so this slot machines site I look after seemed a very good place to show it off 😉

As an aside, when you play these games online at Jackpot Party (restricted to a few countries right now), there is the option to view the “Leaderboard” for each game. Once this feature played out, I was sitting top of the Bruce Lee leaderboard which I found a little odd as I had seen someone get a very similar win on this game about a year before and that was around 1,500x. But who’s complaining. The money was in my (UK) bank account 2 days later!