Online Casinos – Cutting Through the Crap

The online casino industry has been around since 1996 and has had plenty of time to start sorting itself out. Until October 2006, it was doing a pretty good job with many of the “rogue operators” confined to small corners of the web, and those that did manage to get noticed were up against some seriously good competition.

Unfortunately, in October 2006, in their infinite wisdom, the US decided to pass through the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” (UIGEA). While stopping short of making online gambling illegal, it aimed at restricting banks and financial institutions from authorising payments to online gambling companies. The effect of this was that many of the top operators pulled out of the US to avoid being arrested or deemed to break a law that is at best, grey.

This left the USA open to abuse from the less ethical outfits and since that day, US players have been inundated with spammy and often ridiculous bonus offers to entice them to play at shite casinos. With options limited, many US residents have fallen into the trap only to find that cashing out is near impossible.

Thankfully, some of the decent online casinos didn’t entirely turn their backs on the USA and while they have often struggled to find safe and quick methods of paying US players, it seems at least some sort of sensible progress has been made and those players “in the know” are able to avoid the traps. All we hope for now is that Barney Frank’s bill aimed at overturning the ridiculous vote-friendly UIGEA is successful and US politicians see the sense in regulating the industry, not only from a security angle but with obvious financial benefits too.

The following online casinos are still accepting US players and all power to them, however in some US States online gambling is illegal outright, so players should be aware of their local State laws before playing. Click the casino name to visit the website.

Of the above casinos, and while I am UK resident, I personally play at [iNetBet] and [Club USA] the most frequently and can vouch for their speedy cashouts and fair games, although [Club USA] does have a $3k a week cashout maximum, waived on request when you get “known” as a regular player and not simply a bonus hunter I ought to add!