Playtech Casinos With No Reverse Times & Fast Cashouts

This article identifies a number of Playtech casinos that have a zero reverse pending time and process cashouts quickly.


I love Playtech games, especially their slots: they’ve come on in leaps and bounds since Gladiator arrived in 2009. But the Israeli-based Playtech do have a rather money-focused approach and one of the downsides is the ludicrous 96hr “Reverse Pending” period the software comes with as a default setting. It puts me off many Playtech casinos. I want to be treated properly – when I cash out I want my money promptly.

For those that don’t know what a “Reverse Period” is I’ll explain briefly: it is a period of time between you cashing out and the casino processing your withdrawal whereupon the money you withdrew is still accessible for you to “reverse” and play with. The benefits of you doing that as far as a casino is concerned are obvious of course. Most players hate it with a passion, me among them.

I can understand the need for preventing fraud and ID’ing players – every online casino is obligated to do that and that may take a day or two. Fair enough. But once I am through that I expect 24 hour cashouts – even if it takes time to go through the banking system I at least expect it to be processed by the casino within that time.

The Playtech Casinos with No Reverse Time

After extensive ‘research’ (ahem!) I now have a list of Playtech casinos and their reverse times and I am pleased to say that on that list are a few casinos with a zero reverse pending time! Of those, my personal favourite casinos are Tote Casino and Sports Interaction where I invariably have a dabble every week. You’ll notice from the list that most of these are sportsbooks or brand names and therein lies the rub: many of them have their own banking backend and don’t use Playtech’s!

One other thing that needs pointing out: Bet365 (which is excellent) does have a 12 hour reverse time as default but if you are a regular then after a few plays you can email support and ask for the reverse time to be set to zero.

The most recent addition to the list above was Paddy Power which added theirs in October 2011. For more information, see the article specific to Paddy Power casino.

There are also a handful of Playtech casinos with reverse times less than 12 hours and next-day cashouts that come with a very good reputation. Most notably these include the following:

All of these casinos and several others that use Playtech software are fully documented on the list of Playtech casinos at AZOC with details on reverse times, cashout times, ownership, licensing and much more.