Live The Dream Promotion

Valid from April 21st, 2016 to May 8th, 2016

Win a trip to Las Vegas with $10,000 spending money

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Betbright Casino’s ‘Live The Dream’ promotion is open to all new slots players signing up before the 8th May. The promotion is effectively an equalised stake tournament with a level playing field for all players, whether you low roll or play it risky where your stake size doesn’t matter: it’s all about the Big Win ratio!

The player with the best Big Win ratio of win/bet size before the end of the tournament will win a trip to Las Vegas with a whopping $10,000 of spending money (a cleverly thought out number as it happens as that is the most US customs will let you in with in cash, which IMO is a bit stupid when you consider Vegas is Casino City!).

The next 99 players will win prizes including a Londnon casino experience, an Apple iPhone or one of many cash bonuses. The website features a live leaderboard so you can see where you are at any given moment. Click the link below to be taken to the current eaderboard!

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