Player Protection At Online Casinos

Thought I’d add a word on this as it’s often overlooked. If you didn’t already know, all of the reputable online casinos operate a “player protection” policy. What this means is that you can request or set limits on how much you deposit, either by the week or month, and in some instances to deeper levels.

For example, if you play a casino using Microgaming software, you can email support and ask them to limit your deposits by day, week or month. They will ask you the limit and a security question and set it manually. You will not usually be able to change it “up” for a minimum of 7 days.

At Wagerworks (Flash) casinos – IGT owned – every casino has a “Player Protection” link, normally from the “Your account” page, where you can set your own limits, again with a 7 day upward change mechanism. This goes further in that you can set the maximum amount you deposit, or the amount you wager over a given period. In some instances, you can also set your maximum loss over that period. It’s the best player protection system out there and because you have control over it, it has an instant effect.

Cryptologic (sometimes referred to as “Wagerlogic”, the software brand) casinos are like Microgaming but with less options, and again is done on request by email or live chat with casino support. You can for example set $100 a week or a month, but you can’t do $100 a day, or $200 a month.

The bottom line is that any casino worth their salt will respect this request – if they refuse, you have to question their thics and their respect for the player. It’s a warning sign that maybe there will be more issues further down the line. The Player Protection system is very handy if you are the sort of player who tends to chase their losses or act impulsively. When you sign up, check this out if you fit into that category.