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Slots & Psychology

I was sent a link this week to a very interesting interview with Dr. Mark Griffiths who has spent years investigating the psychology of casino games, addictiveness and the connections between the two.

The interview sheds some really interesting light on why slots are addictive, what elements in particular appeal to players and expands on theories such as the “near miss” concept which is particularly interesting, especially considering I have always wondered if online slots are programmed to display near misses specifically.

The article is very wordy but when you start reading it, if you are into this type of thing, it is a superb read. You can read it here.

Some of his findings relating to familiarity and player acquisition also tie in quite nicely with my thoughts on the plethora of film and movie themed slots we have seen recently.

On a similar topic, I remember reading this article on the role that sounds play in the attractiveness of slots. Another interesting read but less depth than the interview above.